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ECTN – Electronic Cargo Tracking Note

In order to better monitor imports many African countries require Exporters to provide details about their import shipments before the cargo arrives at destination.

ECTN, BESC, BSC, CTN (Cargo Tracking Note) certificates, also known as waiver documents, allow the local authorities access to Information about the nature of goods, it’s value, shipper and importer but also the transport route, name of vessel and method of shipping(Container/RORO/Break Bulk).

At ACS we can assist you to get the certificates you need.

Currently 23 African countries require an Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) for all import shipments:

  • Republic of Chad
  • Togo
  • Guinea Conakry
  • Libya
  • Central African Republic
  • Republic of Congo
  • Burkina Faso
  • Burundi,
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Liberia
  • Sierra Leone
  • South Sudan
  • Benin
  • Cameroon
  • Ivory Coast
  • Senegal
  • Niger
  • Madagascar
  • Mali
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Angola
  • Gabon
  • Guinea Bissau

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