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Car Export

Cars are among the most exported goods to Africa. At ACS, we will organize all aspects of the transportation of your vehicle, including its lawful import according to international regulations and take care of all customs clearances.

Your vehicle will be picked up from a collection point and transported to a so-called “Roll-on/Roll-off Ship”. The use of a Ro/Ro ship requires that your vehicle is in running order.

Please be aware that no goods may be stowed in the car during transport by Ro/Ro. If you want to transport two or more cars, or if you want to load goods to your car, we recommend to do this by container transport.

Process sequence

1. Step


We will coordinate and book all aspects of the transportation of your vehicle according to your wishes.

2. Step


You decide where you would like to hand over your car for shipment: this can be done at a collection point, at the port of loading, or we can load it directly at your premises, using a vehicle transporter.

3. Step

B/L Handover

You will receive the Bill of Lading from us and can pick up your car at the port of destination. If you need help with customs clearance, we would be happy to assist.

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